Lipstick On A Pig

June 2, 2008

More on Dave Sim

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It’s hard to deny he can be really really funny. This is from the same essay I garbled last time:

I believe, for the sake of appearances, [women] will allow themselves to be bullied into acknowledging that there is a distinction [between people and animals]:

“Uh, you do realize that your cat is just a cat. That a cat is a very low form of life.”

Yes, pushed to the wall and having to, you know, say it out loud, to a man, a woman will grudgingly admit that a human being is a human being and a cat is a cat. But she is certainly not going to he amenable to exploring the subject to any great depth.

“That is, you are aware that, no matter how much time and effort you devoted to doing so, you could never teach your cat to play even the simplest card game, like Hearts.”

That’s true. I know that little Snowball will never learn how to play Hearts.

Inside, I can practically guarantee you that what she will be thinking is: Well, so what? I know lots of people who have never learned how to play Hearts … I think it’s more important what’s inside a person than whether or not they can play cards.

Of course, this vignette is good as comedy, not quite so good as fundament for socio-political philosophy.


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